Meet Kanti! Our new feature doll from Mumbai, India is an aspiring airline pilot with a love of faraway places and a knack for picking up new languages. At home she speaks Hindi and Marathi, she's been learning French at school, and wants to take Portuguese classes next. Kanti only has brothers who sometimes let her go on adventures with them, but often she has to find her own! Luckily, Charuta, her best friend from school and “pretend sister” doesn’t live to far away. Charuta is like her “pretend sister”. Their favorite places to explore are the hills next to their school, but when it's too cold outside--and when Mom is away on business trips-- you might find the girls in her closet playing with her colorful silk scarves for make-believe. They especially like to practice accents and imagine that they’re flying to different countries. She can't wait to travel the world!

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