Featured Doll: Meet Keva™

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Meet Keva

  • Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia USA
  • Family: Mother Helene, Father Kenyon, Sister Kara, Brother KJ, Pet Hamster Buddy
  • Languages: English
  • Favorite subjects: Social Studies, Math
  • Favorite foods: Lasagna, apple slices with peanut butter, sweet potato fries, fish sticks
  • Hobbies: Singing with the Children's Choir, playing violin, gymnastics, Spelling Bee Club
  • Future plans: To become a lawyer and make the streets safer for kids to play!

    Meet Keva! Keva is a 9-year-old student on the honor roll at the Peachgrove Academy in Atlanta, GA with amazing drive and very competitive spirit.  She’s the shortest child in her class (maybe because she skipped a grade) and her classmates gave her the nickname “Quiz” because her hand is always the first one up whenever her teacher Miss Washington asks a question.

    Keva is quite the busy bee after school. Some days, you can find her in the alto section at Children’s Choir or practicing for the Junior Spelling Bee. One of her dreams is to win the  county competition just like her mom and her big sister Kara once did, then make it to Nationals!  Keva also wants to win a scholarship to college in Washington, DC like Kara. Sometimes Keva feels like a copycat, but Daddy says that  inspiration is a good thing and that she “better get all A’s” on her report card if she wants to make those dreams come true.

    One thing that makes Keva unique in her family is that she is a tumbler! It feels good to be able to call gymnastics her own! So far, she can do a cartwheel, round off, and a handstand that is only a little bit wobbly. No worries though, just like with spelling, practice makes perfect, and once she gets more sturdy on the floor, the coach will let her join the Balance Beam Girls who get to wear sparkly purple leotards and with golden stripes. It’s always hard for Keva to pick her favorite hobby, but there is one thing that she knows for sure. When Keva grows up, she plans to be a lawyer just like her mom so she can make the streets safer for kids to play outside.