Featured Doll: Meet Adamma™

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Meet Adamma

  • Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Family: Mother Dr. Tomi, Father Dr. Ikenna, Twin brothers Taiwo and Ken
  • Languages: English, Yoruba, and Igbo
  • Favorite subjects: Geography, Computer Lab
  • Favorite foods: Jollof rice, fried plantain, chin chin, soursop fruit
  • Hobbies: Fixing computers, table tennis, dancing, playing video games with her brothers
  • Future plans: To become a mechanical engineer and build really cool robots!

    Meet Adamma! Adamma is a clever and creative 9-year-old at The Lakewater School in the Ikeja neighborhood of Lagos, Nigeria. Adamma is also the go-to-girl at school for fixing anything from broken cell phones to calculators. After school, students line up with their broken gadgets, eager for Adamma ,the resident computer whiz, to work her magic. She usually charges 10 naira or a small bag of her favorite snacks like chin chin and plantain chips. Of course she never charges her cousin Lola or best friend Amina who are both in her class.

    After Adamma finishes her homework, you can find her playing video games with her older twin brothers Taiwo and Ken, trying her very best to beat them! You may also find her with Lola and Amina practicing dance moves in the mirror as they listen to the latest and greatest Nigerian music on the radio. Next year, if her grades stay high, her parents have promised to let her join her school’s table tennis team.

    Her parents, Dr. Tomi and Dr. Ikenna, are both surgeons at one of the city’s largest hospitals and can be very strict. The twins spend many hours studying for their college entrance exam called JAMB so they too can become doctors one day. Adamma’s parents want her to follow in their medical footsteps, but she has her own dreams—When Adamma grows up, she plans to be a mechanical engineer so she can design super cool robots.