From the Founders' Corner Post #2

Posted by Amaka Uzoh on 2016-07-12

Today we're reminiscing about how hopeful and excited we were two years ago as we started to bring our vision of Muse Dolls to life as prototypes! Beginning with three unique skin tones and hair textures, we worked, worked, and worked on many revisions to get the curl patterns just right! Notice instead of a wavy hair we were originally going to debut a doll with long, straight hair, and lighter eyes? Well, that's because the wavy-haired girls spoke out loud and proud and made a case for us to ‪#‎gowavy‬. And hey, we're glad we did! Now that floor is open, please don't hesitate to comment or send a message to let us know about any skin tones and hair style options our next Muse Dolls should have to better represent you or your favorite girl!


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